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Vinyl and Leather Upholstery Repair

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Leather Repair-Leather Upholstery Repair and Restoration
Leather Care & Leather Cleaning

We specialize in leather repair, leather upholstery repair, and can do repairs on vinyl upholstery as well.  They can restore the original color of the leather and vinyl whether it's an automobile, a couch,  your favorite recliner,  office furniture, or even a booth or stool in your restaurant.  We can even re-dye it to the color of your choice.  Your worn and faded couch can look new again, and they can come to you whether you're located at your home or office.  Your local Fibrenew professional can retsore the vinyl on examination tables in medical offices, or the chairs in the waiting room. Upholstery on boats, RV's, and even airplanes can be saved if you give them a call. They also restore plastic like cracked dashboards, door moldings, and the console in your vehicle.

There are many reasons why repairing a plastic molding in your vehicle, boat, airplane, home or business is good for the environment. Fibrenew technicians have the equipment and expertise to make cracked, damaged or faded leather and plastic look new again. Our services prevent thousands of tons of used leathers and plastics from entering landfills.


If itís cracked, burned, faded, odorous or stained, we can fix it! We have the expertise to refurbish virtually any type of damage to leather or plastic. We repair consoles, aircraft yolks, aircraft seats, antiques, awnings, car consoles & panels, car odors & stains, car seats & dashes, car steering wheels, horse saddles, motorcycle bags, motorcycle seats, leather couches, leather hand bags, leather jackets, pen & crayon markings, pet scratches & stains, window casings, wine stains, vinyl blinds, tub surrounds, vinyl seats, vinyl siding and so much more! Contact us for a quote!


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