we do leather upholstery repair on cars, trucks, RVs, as well as repairs on plastic such as dashboards side moldings that can be repaired-WeFixLeather.com

leather repair, vinyl repairs,upholstery repair, plastic restoration furniture for offices

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 Leather Repair

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Leather Coat & Jacket Repair

Leather and vinyl upholstery repair for cars, homes, & offices in Nampa, ID





Vinyl Upholstery Repair
Leather Upholstery Repair

McDowell's Specialty Repairs
2222 South Cole Rd.  Suite 107
Boise, ID 83709

Office: 208-378-1530

Leather repairs, vinyl repairs, and upholstery repairs in Boise, ID

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Our leather repairs are superior as we
smooth down cracks, sew up holes and re-dye the
leather to its original color.  When were through
with our repair, you wont even notice where
 the damage was.

We specialize in repairing: 

Busted Seams

Sun Fade
Animal Damage
Extreme Soilage

Please remember that these are just a few
of the repairs we do. Our work is guaranteed and
extremely satisfying to all our customers. Bring your leather to the professionals and receive superior and excellent results.

We serve the area surrounding Boise ID,
Nampa, & Caldwell.

 We also offer bumper repair, paintless dent repair,
paint touch ups, and furniture repair.


Leather Upholstery Repair Professionals




Alexandria VA Atlanta GA  Colorado Springs CA Columbus OH Dayton OH Hampton VA Orlando FL


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